About Studiozone

Welcome to Studiozone

Studiozone is your dedicated partner for graphic material and game development.

We are a freelance and indie game studio with over 15 years of experience in the design and gaming industry.

Here are some examples of what we offer:

Graphic Material:

  • Logos: Creation of unique and memorable logos for your brand.
  • Posters: Design of eye-catching posters for events or marketing.
  • Postcards: Personalized postcards with creative and customized expressions.
  • Illustrations: Artistic and customized illustrations for various purposes.
  • Character Design: Creation of unique and distinctive characters for games, books, or corporate identities.

Game Development:

  • 2D Services:
    • Graphic Design: Character design, backgrounds, and 2D animation.
    • Interface: Design of user interfaces and menus.
  • 3D Services:
    • 3D Models: Detailed models for characters, objects, and environments.
    • Texturing: Application of textures for realism and details in 3D models.
    • Animation: Movements and animation for 3D characters and objects.

We primarily work with open-source software but are flexible and use other tools when needed. To view our work and learn more, visit our gallery, blog, or contact us directly through the provided email forms.

We look forward to collaborating with you and bringing your visions to life!

Experiences with Open Source

We believe that it is possible to create high-quality material using only Open Source software. While it may sometimes be easier with commercial software, we believe it depends on how you approach the specific task.

From experience, we know that all software has its advantages and disadvantages. By having a detailed understanding of the tool, you can often avoid its drawbacks, something that is frequently overlooked when it comes to Open Source software. Many think there are challenging limitations, but we know that doesn’t have to be the case.

The reasons we share our development insights through our blog are to increase understanding and acceptance of using Open Source technology in a professional manner. It facilitates companies in engaging freelancers who use Open Source technology or adapt to economic challenges. Our goal is to promote the use of Open Source technology as a cost-effective and practical alternative in the industry.

Software that we use at Studiozone

At Studiozone, our primary focus is on utilizing Open Source software in our production. Here are the most common software applications within our main categories, grouped according to their functions:

Operative System

Ubuntu 22.10
Pop!_OS 22.04

2D Tools

  • Krita
  • Gimp
  • Inkscape
  • Armour Paint
  • Material Maker
  • Quixel Mixer
  • Natron
  • Photoshop *
  • Clip Studio *
  • Illustrator *
  • Substance Painter *
  • Substance Designer *
  • After Effects *

3D Tools

  • Blender
  • Meshroom
  • MeshLab
  • Instant Meshes
  • Autodesk Maya *

Dev. Tools

  • Studio Code
  • GCC
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • MEL
  • HTML och CSS
  • Node.js
  • Three.js
  • MySQL

Game Engines

  • Godot Engine
  • Unreal Engine
  • Unity 3D *

Other Tools

  • Subversion Edge – SVN
  • XWiki
  • Rocket.Chat
  • Zulip
  • LibreOffice

* Commercial Software is not used internally at Studiozone, only upon the client’s request.

As you can see, we also have experience with other commercial software from our previous employers. However, we do not use them in our production. Nevertheless, we can use them if any of our clients prefer materials in those formats.

Who are we?

Mattias Eriksson

Position: Founder of Studiozone
Background: Programmer / Technical Artist
Interest: Star Trek, Marvel TV/Movies, Fantasy Books, Music and Fishing

Role at Studiozone

Mattias Eriksson is involved in almost everything. Programming, planning, graphic design, and determining the content that will be posted on Studiozone’s website.

Although his main focus is on 3D graphics and game development.

He also conducts a lot of research on Open Source technology or other technical solutions that can be useful for the studio.


Mattias has a bachelor’s degree in computer graphics as his educational background and, with an impressive 15 years in the 3D industry, possesses substantial experience. Before delving into the creative world of 3D work, he spent approximately 8 years as a programmer.

At the age of 10, Mattias’s interest in computers was sparked, a passion that has since grown and evolved over the years. His initial entry into the technological world involved experimenting with programming in Basic and creating graphics on his faithful Commodore 64. The early fascination quickly transformed into a lifelong passion for computer graphics and games, shaping his professional and personal exploration in the field that continues to this day.


He started his professional career as a programmer (Java, Python, Oracle, SQL, and TCL) at an IT consulting company in Sweden. After a few years, he was forced to change careers due to the crash in the IT industry in Sweden.

Subsequently, he ran his own small business alongside his main job, which was unrelated to programming or graphics. He created websites in PHP with MySQL databases and designed advertising brochures for smaller clients.

Mattias then decided to pursue education in 3D computer graphics at the university level. He found gscept in SkellefteƄ (LuleƄ University) and applied for admission.

After three years, he earned his bachelor’s degree before moving to Tokyo, Japan. There, he spent two years studying Japanese before being employed at the Japanese design studio Black Beard Design Studio (BBDS), where he worked throughout his time in Japan.

Due to his previous programming experience, he quickly transitioned into the role of Technical Artist for BBDS in Tokyo. During this period, he actively participated in several game projects, including “The Evil Within 2,” “NieR:Automata,” and “Gunslinger Stratos 2,” among others.

During his time at BBDS, he developed many technical internal solutions, such as scripts for Maya or Photoshop to facilitate the production process. Additionally, he established and maintained SVN, XWiki, and internal chat servers to facilitate communication and data exchange within the studio.

After 11 years in Japan, he moved back to Sweden with his family and began working for Frontwalker. There, he participated in various projects, including working as a frontend developer in PHP for a mobile entertainment program and 3D Laser Projector Display (Sundsvall 400 years).

Kaori Eriksson

Position: Designer, Illustrator, and Concept Artist
Skills: Digital and traditional art, mastery of color and composition, 2D animation, and motion graphics
Interests: Anime, Manga, Design, Fashion, Baking and Music

Role at Studiozone

Kaori Eriksson is a versatile force within Studiozone, involved in various aspects of our projects. Her areas of expertise include digital and traditional art, graphic design, and the planning of visual content on Studiozone’s website.

However, Kaori’s main focus is on 2D graphics, 2D animation, and motion graphics.

In addition to this, she dedicates herself to delving into various design techniques and related software. Her enthusiasm and technical competence are invaluable assets.


Kaori Eriksson has a solid background as an illustration artist with a strong focus on digital art. Her professional journey began by creating eye-catching posters and captivating postcards using Illustrator and Photoshop.

Beyond the digital realm, Kaori also possesses finesse in using traditional art tools, giving her illustrations a touch of classical artistry. Color and composition are areas where Kaori truly excels, and her art has the ability to convey emotions and moods in a compelling way. This talent has been central to bringing her creations to life and making them impactful.

Kaori’s transition to Studiozone as an illustrator and concept artist is a natural step in her career. With an artistic journey that is constantly evolving and a passion for exploring new forms of expression, Kaori continues to inspire and surprise. Her artistic skills and dedication to creating visual masterpieces make her a significant asset to Studiozone.

Her most recent work involved creating 2D content for the 3D Laser Projector Display (Sundsvall 400 years).