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A new fresh site launch and a new exciting journey!

Welcome to our new site, it has been a very long journey to get this site up and running. But we think it has finally come to an state that we can put this online. The site may change a bit while we fine tune it.

Idea of this new site launch

Initial idea of this platform is to share our journey with Open source technology and give an insight how it is to an indie game studio. By introducing the Open source tools we use and community around it, we hope that will spark some curiosity and acceptance to use Open source tools as a professional alternative.

What tools will we post about?

We aim to post about Open source tools like BlenderGodot Engine, Krita, Gimp and Inkscape because these are what we mainly use right now.

Of course we will likely in the future use other tools that we will post about, especial graphic related tools.

What topics will we write about?

General topic of our posts will mostly be about Programming, Shaders creations, Material creations, Modelling technique, Pipeline Workflows, tips and tricks of tool usage.

And of course about our mistakes, how to prevent these and what we have learned during our journey with Open source tools.

Please, just a reminder

We will aim to keep posting content often as possible, but it may get delayed sometime. Because we do have full time work on our weekdays and this is not our primary work for the moment. We can only spend time on this on weekends. Our goal is to have this as our primary work, and be able to create games, graphic material and blog content for you to read. By that said we hope you also will enjoy this site as we will do!

Best regards,

Mattias Eriksson

Mattias Eriksson
Founder of Studiozone